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TCEQ Enforcement

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David has spent a number of years working with the regulated community on TCEQ and EPA enforcement actions. At the October 2004 meeting of the Texas Association of Environmental Professionals, he spoke on the TCEQ's enforcement review. Some of the TCEQ enforcement projects upon which he has worked include the following:

  • Assisted an industrial client resolve an administrative action brought which alleged, among other things, the illegal discharge of air contaminants, the discharge of industrial solid waste into or adjacent to the waters of the state, and discharge of contaminants into the soil. This project not only involved dealing with administrative actions, but with neighborhood toxic tort litigation.
  • Assisted municipalities address allegations by TCEQ that their water pressure fell below mandated levels.
  • Assisted a company address allegations from TCEQ that the company failed to, among other things, comply with prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) requirements, comply with upset/maintenance requirements, revise air permits, maintain required records, comply with special conditions of a permit.
  • Assisted a major chemical company avoid enforcement through a comprehensive audit and disclosure program.
Assisted a major chemical company address allegations from a comprehensive multi-media inspection which identified numerous alleged violations of state and federal laws.
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